Listed below are my personal favorite links.  Most are sites that have stayed the test of time and are all powerful resources whether you are a magician, bizarrist or casual ghost hunter. If you can, I would appreciate letting these folks know how you found them by leaving my website address in any guestbooks or site guides. Spread the word! The Independent Investigation Group is the largest and most scientifically recognized group of paranormal investigators in the world. With a $50,000 prize for anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal ability under mutually agreed upon protocol, their backing by the Center fo Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer magazine insures that if a claim is genuine, it will be tested and publically cited by their volunteer group of physicists, educators and grassroots activists.   

The Good Guys

The only television pilot devoted to skeptical thinking

The blogsite featuring the cast from The Sketologists; Mark Edward Small but perfectly formed ghost story annex Excellent source for magical books Medieval Macabre Woodcuts Fantastic resource from one who knows with the best links in magic, period. Alchemy Revealed! The Museum of Jurassic Technology - a totally beautiful (and bogus) museum Ghost stories with a Southern flavor Bizarre treasures and props for those of us who care to give the very best A passage to the surreal past of mediumship and supreme geekdom The finest in ghostly photography from a real ghosthunter All that is fit to read in the realm of the academic meets the paranormal Christian Chelman's top flight museum. Rated #1 for attention to detail


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